Investment Management

Once we have a complete picture of your needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation, and investment history, we put our knowledge, expertise, and resources to work for you.

Our open platform gives us access to a broad universe of investment vehicles and non-proprietary research. We will determine an appropriate asset allocation, then construct a portfolio that we continually monitor, manage, and rebalance as your goals and market conditions change.

As an independent registered investment adviser, we are able to focus on what matters—being a fiduciary. Which is truly about serving the well being of the clients that put their trust in us.”

Melissa Bouchillon, CFP®

Managing Partner

Our investment philosophy

By studying key economic indicators and financial data, we can discover fundamentally strong companies within resilient industries. We evaluate all aspects of a company, from its financial and cash flow statements to its supply chain, to identify any inherent risks. As good stewards of the capital entrusted to us, we review market and inherent element performance across our clients on a periodic basis.


We utilize our long-standing relationships within the industry and research sources to identify and source unique investment opportunities.

Quantitative review

We conduct an initial review of the investment that considers its history, performance relative to peers and benchmarks, and any red flags.

Qualitative review

Next, we consider the qualitative factors that make the holding unique and how the investment may fit into a client’s overall portfolio. This stage includes a review of the potential investment by the principals of our firm.

Investment committee approval

Our investment committee conducts an internal review of all supporting documentation. If the investment still appears attractive after a thorough review by our investment committee, we move on to final due diligence.

Due diligence

The final step includes site visits or conference calls with the company or fund’s leadership. This step also includes investor reference checks and a review of the operational controls that govern the entity.

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